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Topduty's footprintMORE
Warmly congratulate Yaodu District Rural Credit Cooperative Union reformed to Shanxi Yaodu Rural Commercial Bank.
Topduty’s clients – Kailuan Group and Fangezhuang Mining achieved the rewards of “Corporate Culture Sample Group in Hebei Province”.
Yopduty was rewarded as “Most satisfied brand of Chinese corporate culture consulting by clients”
Yopduty hold new year celebration evening party
Topduty hold 2010 annual conference
Long Jiang River’s corporate culture management consulting project started
Financial enterprises Power Enterprise Petrochemical enterprises
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Agricultural Bank Of China
SDIC Jingyuan No.2 Power Generation Company
Shandong Unclear Power
Sinopec Jinan Refinery Factory
Cangzhou Dahua Group Co., Ltd
Research institutes Coal Enterprises Machinery Manufacturing
Hebei Electric Power Research Institute
Shengli Oilfield Shengli Project Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd
Xintai Mining Group
Beijing Haohua Energy
Shenyang Machine Tool
Fujiang Longxi Bearing Corporation Limited
Mining and Metallurgy Real Estate Property Transportation
Shandong Zhaoyuan Gold Co., Ltd
China Fifteenth Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd
New World China Land Limited
Shandong Zhongqi Property Development Co., Ltd
Anhui Highway Group
Chongqing Highway Development Co., Ltd
> specialty
Systemic corporate culture practical theories
Professional practical methods and tools
> Infield practice
Start from performance, from characteristic
from value difference, from problems.
> Responsibility
Three years’ following evaluation, continually improve
Unless all problems are solved, the service will not end.

Clients’ appraisement

Topduty’s consulting project team’s professionalism and responsibility from the beginning to the end is worth for learning. Xida Property Development Co., Ltd
Fan Zilin
Topduty is a pragmatic and professional team, our cooperation is very steady. Bank of Communications Corporate Culture Executive
Li Jianping
Topduty’s project plan and research plan are explicit, the questionnaire are professional, which is the difference between professional companies and general companies Chen Niandai (Huiren Group CEO) >>more..

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